Samsung Series 7 Gamer Laptop: powerful but not very innovative Review & Specs

The new Samsung Series 7 Gamer 17-inch laptop, Samsung incorporates a very fast graphics chip and a 120 Hz screen but it lacks refinement.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

With the Series 7 Gamer, Samsung takes the strengths of its previous portable models for players. We find such a power dial to adjust on the fly, and a backlit keyboard with many colors. The notebook has an Intel last generation and a graphics chip GeForce GTX 675m high-end nVidia signed. However, it is sold at full price: €1,799. So check if this laptop is really a bargain, especially faced with the excellent laptop Asus G75.


The Samsung Series 7 Gamer poster looks a little austere, and very classic. Although its hand rest in brushed aluminium gives it the prestige of a high-end notebook. However, the shiny plastic plate behind the screen is already much less noble. The overall design of the device is a little too common in our opinion, despite the lights that illuminate it. The laptop keyboard keeps the design of a desktop model. Players who do not fit a chiclet keyboard will appreciate it. It is pleasant to use, but does not seem to be among the strongest of its kind. The touchpad, meanwhile, has nothing very original either.

Equipped for video games in Full HD

With its Intel quad-core next-generation (Core i7 3610QM), its 8 GB of RAM and its graphics chip GeForce GTX 675m, this Samsung Series 7 Gamer PC is more than able to support all current games. The titles, however, the greediest will slightly reduce their level of graphic detail to be really playable in Full HD. Indeed, the laptop has wandered between 70 and 100 frames per second in the tests of video games. It reached including 86 fps in Dirt 3 Full HD is faster than the Asus G75 and GeForce GTX 670m which tops out at 73 frames per second in the same test, but less effective than the MSI GT70 and its GeForce GTX 680M .

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop machine has two hard drives of 750GB each for storing up to 1.5TB of data. These two discs, however, cannot be coupled in RAID-0 (absent option in the BIOS). It’s a shame for those who had hoped to take advantage of a speed increase in loading. Both hard drives are easily accessible and replaceable by opening the bottom cover of the laptop. Two locations of RAM are also available.

But … just a little for its LCD 120 Hz

Unlike Samsung NP700G7C-S01CA, featured on Samsung’s website and compatible 3D graphics card with its Radeon HD7970M, the model (NP700G7C-S02FR) will be sold without 3D technology. Its screen still keeps an LCD panel at 120 Hz. A pleasant surprise for fans of games very fast. Caution, however, the graphics chip of the machine, despite its generous power, is often not capable of providing 120 frames per second in full HD in recent games. From what perspective, the real utility of this type of screen is unless you play in 720p.

With a brightness of 333 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 1181:1, the TN (Twisted Nematic) of this laptop offers a beautiful image. Its high gloss coatings, however, makes it too sensitive to glare.

Lack of refinement

When comparing this Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop to Asus G75, hard to find really attractive. Firstly because the machine from Asus comes with a mouse, a headset for player and even a pack of high-quality traffic. For its part, Samsung sells its machines to a higher rate without such equipment.

Secondly, because the design of the G75 has very timely tips: its matte screen, not very sensitive to glare and especially its fans are easy access to remove dust. For its part, the breakdown of Samsung, effective this is true, is louder, and will tend to sweat the hands of players: 36 ° C under the palms, over 40 ° C around the keys most commonly used (Z , Q, S, D). Moreover, fans are not at all accessible, which is a real problem of dust accumulation.

Samsung has, however, a software environment further. You can use a simple knob above the keyboard to switch between several pre-programmed profiles. The problem is that the management system software of these profiles is a bit heavy, and not really useful. Honours however, sound equipment for the laptop and come with a very good audio editing software Dolby signed.

The verdict

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop from Samsung is a powerful portable laptop, relatively well built but a bit too expensive to compete seriously the offer of Asus G75. These are currently the best-designed portable video games, in our opinion. Attention Model Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C S02FR remains more powerful than G75VW-T1042V, thanks to its graphics chip slightly faster. And with a 120 Hz screen, it has something to defend themselves.

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