Samsung started producing high eMMC memory for mobile devices

Samsung has announced the launch of mass production of high-performance embedded flash memory for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Samsung eMMC
It is noted that the new memory Samsung eMMC (embedded multimedia card) Pro Class 1500 provides the highest data transfer rate compared to other solutions available in the market for mobile devices. In particular, the maximum read speed of information stated on the level of 140 MB / s and maximum write speed of data – 50 MB / s. The number of IO operations per second for the implementation of random reads of 3500, when the random write operations – 1500. According to the manufacturer, demonstrated innovation speed performance is 4 times greater than the possibility of memory eMMC the previous generation. For the manufacture of memory Samsung eMMC Pro Class 1500 uses its own memory chips NAND interface Toggle DDR 2.0, which are produced at rates of technological processes, the 20-nanometer class. To use your own memory controller and high performance control firmware.

Samsung has released a new eMMC memory having a capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB devices include two, four or eight separate memory chips. The thickness of the most capacious of the solution (64 GB) is only 1.2 mm. separately, noted that the memory of Samsung eMMC Pro Class 1500 became the first solution on the market that supports the specification of the JEDEC e-MMC v4.5.

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