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Samsung to bring Experience Shops to 1,400 Best Buy stores in United States

You may have read the news in last few years about physical electronic shops going bankrupt including the likes of Comet in UK and Jessops.

This is mainly due to tough competition from online retailers which are typically cheaper. Confidence of people on online buynig has gone up considerably with return policy as well as various review sites that give accurate review of product along with video guides.

However, you still miss the ‘feel’ part of it. Samsung is trying to give exactly that to the customer – ‘feel the product before you buy’.

The Korean company has partnered with Best Buy to bring its Experience Shops to the retailer nationwide. There will be 1,400 such stores by early summer. 900 will be launched in this month. Customers will be able to check out: phones, accessories, Smart TVs and tablets. The shops will have Samsung-employed consultants as well as specially trained Best Buy employees.

Samsung Store

Samsung Store

Apple already has mini-stores in Best Buy locations and partnerships with other big retailers like Walmart and Target. This is a new strategy adopted by Samsung – i.e. not to setup their own shop but go with Best Buy. Apple has about 400 retail stores around the world as well.

Worth noting that although iPhone by Apple is a top seller in the US, Samsung is the biggest maker of phones in the world.

Other electronics makers like HTC and Motorola do not have as strong a retail presence, and they mostly rely on wireless carriers selling their phones.

Samsung has had a partnership with Best Buy for a long time. Now, instead of having its products scattered throughout Best Buy stores, they will all be in one place.

Samsung does have some great products to showcase including its Galaxy range of phones, 3D TVs, Cameras and so on. They seem to have some good plan in place with the Experience Shops being opened.