Samsung wears Leonardo da Vinci to promote its hybrid with Windows 8

Samsung has introduced a promotional video pointing to a new computer with Windows 8 may well be the hybrid series 5.

Series 5 Hybrid PC

Presented at Computex 2012 where hybrids caused a sensation, this Series 5 Hybrid PC would be a halfway between tablet and laptop with Windows 8 and a screen between 10 and 11 inches attached to a dock with keyboard using a novel magnetic system.

The panel would have a multi-touch screen with stylus support and outstanding for its size resolutions that can reach up to Full HD 1080p. The weight of this Series 5 Hybrid PC would be less than 800 grams and have a range of up to 10 hours.

This Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC which will be the intermediate between tablets and netbook will be massive and powered with standard configuration as other powerful laptops. Let’s wait and watch what Samsung has for us in Surprise packed with Windows 8?

Would be governed by the standard version of Windows 8 indicating that include Intel x86 hardware or new Ivy Bridge Clover Trail. “An innovation that would come soon”:

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