Sapphire Launches Vapor-X Black Diamond Version of the Radeon HD 7770

While both AMD and NVIDIA plan to release another series of graphic cards in 2013, that time hasn’t come yet and new products still have to come out until then, things that will convince people to part with their money. The latest graphic card that was released by Sapphire has just that role.

This new graphics card has at its basis the Advanced Micro Devices model of Radeon HD 7770. Sapphire decided to name this HD 7770 model Vapor-X Black Diamond. This name was given based on the technologies used in its construction and it shows what it can do when compared with its main rivals.

The first part of the name is Vapor-X, which comes from the cooler with the same name, which uses a special vapor-chamber design, plus two copper heatpipes of 8mm. It also has a fin stack made out of dense aluminum, which insures that the dissipation of heat is a good one, allowing the two fans of 80mm to do a better job.

As for the second part of the name, Diamond Black, the source for it is the shroud of the cooler, which is a combination of white and black in color, in parts that are equal. The graphic card’s PCB (short for printed circuit board) has the same black color.

Sapphire-Radeon-HD-7770The card’s PCB comes with the Sapphire chokes which are noise-free. It holds a memory interface of 128 bit, 1 GB of RAM (GDDR5) and the GPU.

The speed of the GPU is 1 GHz, which is the same as before, so there are no changes in this area. The RAM remains the same as well, running at 1,250 MHz (the effective clock speed being 5 GHz).

Other features of this graphic card from Sapphire include the HDMI connector, the DisplayPort output and the two DVI ports. If you want a computer with multiple displays, this model should be a good choice for most situations.

While Sapphire did announce the model and its details, the price and the release date are not yet known. Still, since we do know the specs and the fact that the card uses one PCI Express connector with 6 pins, we can speculate that the price will be in the area of $120 to $140, which is what the other similar models sell for.

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