Six Mini-PCs below $ 75

Encouraged by the success of selling models as Raspberry Pi, different manufacturers are resurrecting these Mini-PCs of today we have brought you a few for x86 platform, usually more powerful and versatile than the ARM.


Also more expensive but not too much, as you can see in this list of Mini-PCs including some under $ 75:

• -I ECS VX900 VIA L2007 1.6 GHz for $ 50.
• E35LM1 ASRock AMD E-240 for $ 55.
• JetWay JTAE24G AMD E-240 for $ 70.
• Foxconn Intel Atom D2500 D250S for $ 70.
• Gigabyte GA-E350N AMD E-350 for $ 75.
• ASRock AD2700B Intel Atom D2700 for $ 75.

All these models use a standard mini ITX motherboard for computer chassis and small form-factor x86 microprocessors, which means that you can upgrade Windows and Linux operating system. The same Intel marketed its own Mini-PCs called Next Unit of Computing (NUC) although its unofficial price of $ 400 falls out of the economic series.

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