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Skype client for Android got a new tablet interface

Team Skype released an updated VoIP-client for Android. Innovation in Skype 3.0 is not much, but there are very important for users of tablets. In particular, the interface has been completely redesigned and adapted for the big screen. In their new client area is used more efficiently to accommodate multiple panels depending on the situation, whether it is contacts, dialer or text chat.



The rest of the program has not changed much and the Android-smartphone innovations are less noticeable. Now it is possible to combine contacts with Microsoft account and use it for future sign-in Skype (interesting, is not whether there similar to those in WP8 problems). In addition it has improved audio quality, and fixes known bugs.

Skype 3.0 for Android

Client Skype 3.0 is now available for Android, you can go to Google Play to download it, this was all regarding the latest changes and update in the interface of Skype App for Android.