Sony began taking pre-orders for Sony PRS-T2 Reader

Suddenly, in Sony’s online store has yet appeared officially announced reader Sony PRS-T2 Reader, which in the past month, “lit up” on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Sony PRS-T2 Reader

Unfortunately Sony has not announced the technical characteristics of the device, and you can judge it only from photographs and information from the official page of the store, where there is almost no specifications. Reeder has not changed much in appearance, but the hardware buttons now fit into the bottom panel, and are not presented as a separate unit keys. Sony PRS-T2 Reader comes in plastic housing and Sony continues to position the device as one of the lightest on the market (167 g).
On illumination, as in Barnes & Noble NOOK The Simple Touch Reader, until the question. Nevertheless, it is known Sony PRS-T2 Reader is featuring a 6-inch display of E Ink type. At Sony model listed Pearl V220. The same is used in the Sony PRS-T2 Reader. In addition, the touchpad is preserved on the basis of infrared grid and a slot for cards microSD. The software seems to be too old, that is, based on Android OS. The cost of new items is the same as its predecessor – $130. Home delivery is scheduled for August 17 this year.

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