Sony Bought the Cloud Gaming Service “Gaikai” for $ 380 million

The Sony Computer Entertainment Company Yesterday announced that they are purchasing startup Gaikai, it is an interactive Cloud Gaming Service. It is based on the idea of starting the game in the “Cloud” and the transfer of video on the user’s device in teal-time feedback. Thus, on any PC, not even the most powerful, you can run the game with graphics with maximum graphic requirement. Because, in fact it will be carried out on the side of the services.

Sony Buys Gaikai


With the Cloud service of Gaikai, Sony plans to create its own Cloud Service for the transmission of interactive games flow on a number of devices connected to the Internet. According to the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House the company plans to merge technology and gaming platform with Gaikai.

With the Acquisition of Technology and Development Gaikai, In the future, Sony may bring its better game console. “Sony will be selling games and entertainment-branded PlayStation, with Cloud Technologies; they will get RID of the Attachment, due to the entry threshold which is too high for the client. For the PlayStation it is a huge step forward or a chance to greatly expand the audience “- Said the Sergei Galenkin, marketing Director on the purchase of Gaikai

This Opinion is shared by the NVIDIA Company, Which has recently introduced a platform for GeForce GRID for processing in the Cloud game. “We are talking about the democratization of high-quality Gaming. Together with the GeForce GRID Technology, access to a PC- Games all will be interested. Now, gamers do not need to Buy Gaming PC which are expensive. The user is Sufficient to Have the device connected to the network and a STABLE connection “- Said Irina Shekhovtsova, Senior PR Manager of NVIDIA-Corporation Also, she Said, for Projects like Gaikai no Special Restrictions, to transfer the game in 720p is enough to speed of 5 Mbit / s.

Thus, Sony Computer Entertainment in the near future can run its service on the basis of technology Gaikai, playing a video stream which can be transmitted directly to the TV, bypassing the gaming console.


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