Sony has sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3

The Sony PlayStation 3 has not repeated the success of previous home consoles, but is not in bad shape. The Japanese company has just announced that they have sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3
Launched in November 2006, it was not until several years later that sales of PlayStation 3 began to settle and make money for Sony. In fact, just reach Microsoft Xbox 360 by number of units sold.

We look at which is proving one of the most reliable sources to track sales juegox Consoles, VGChartz, this generation, which still seem to be cartridges per rush despite the imminent arrival of Wii U, has for now in a dead heat for second place gaming console.

Wii remains Firstly, skimming the hundred million units sold, the feeling of waiting over as rain in May … but has a lot to offer for those who have not tasted its honey.

This was all regarding the sales of PlayStation 3 gaming console.

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