Sony MDR-1R headphones comfortable and effective: Review & Specs

Sony MDR-1R headphones are a great success and sold for 249 Euros. It comes with two cables and a padded carrying case, and headphones are very comfortable. This headset insulates surrounding noises.

Truly high-end headphones Sony MDR-1R is a great success. Its signature sound is unique, strong bass, well suited for modern music styles.

Sony MDR-1R
The promise
The Sony MDR-1R is a top model for sound, but also for communication. One of the two cables supplied hosts a small remote control with microphone not working with the mobile products from Apple. Younger brother of MDR-1RNC (headphones with active noise reduction, € 400 approx.), the model reproduces the same rows and the same materials. Hopefully the sound is also good.

Sony MDR-1R
As comfortable as MDR-1RNC, Sony MDR-1R is a very good headphones. Using exactly the same lines as its big brother, it comes in two colors: black and red or maroon and silver. Sony is betting a touch of glamor to this equipment, nevertheless, shows a fairly large size.
Great comfort for the ears

Sony MDR-1R
The top of the headband is leather lined and well padded. Thus, the weight of the Sony MDR-1R headset (250 g) is much nicer. Always comfort, the headphones swivel and adjustable height are padded and very little support on the skull. Headphones, even for several hours are pleasant, with its head in a vice. The passive isolation, meanwhile, is a little less efficient than the MDR-1RNC. We must turn up the volume on an iPod Nano halfway to not hear your neighbors transit. Comes with two cables of 1.2 m, including a remote control with integrated microphone, the Sony MDR-1R may also office handsfree for luxury smartphone or tablet Apple. Each cable is plugged into the left earpiece of the headset and removed very easily. Finally, transport, Sony delivers a thick fabric cover for protection and storage of the headset. Omni directional microphone present on the cable dedicated to Apple products is very good for communication with a net well. All cable and remote control seems quite fragile, however, the remote control is set in a fragile plastic case, the control system seems very solid, like the angled jack that connects to the player or smartphone.
Good sound by Sony

Sony MDR-1R
Small loudspeakers 40 mm appear behind the thin membrane of tissue located within the headset Sony MDR-1R. They broadcast a powerful and retain the signature sound typical of the Japanese brand. By comparing the curves measuring XB600, XB800 and MDR-1RNC, there are much important side reinforcement of bass, mids balanced and, finally, a certain lack of presence in the treble. Nothing that is not correctable with a good equalizer. Once adjusted a bit, the sound is dynamic, clear and well defined. With the high prevalence of low, the MDR-1R is a leader on the contemporary musical styles, from rock to rap through electronic music.
The verdict

The Sony MDR-1R is sold for 249 euros. A high rate, but largely justified in our view, thanks to the presence of two different cables, one with mic for Apple products. The sound is good, although a little hard on the bass. You must love! We would have liked to have an adapter 6.35 / 3.5 mm more than two cables and the cover and also an airplane adapter.
This was all regarding the Sony MDR-1R headphones, this product wins the tag of recommended product.

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