Sony MDR-XB600 Headphones: Review & Specs

Sony MDR-XB600 is sold for 70 euros, it closed headphones offer sound quality average because the bass is too present. However, it is comfortable to use. These Sony foldable headphones are comfortable and isolate well from the outside.

Sony MDR-XB600
The promise

Sony offers foldable headphones for audiophiles and DJs. The manufacturer highlights the diaphragms of 40 mm neodymium which would restore life to low and would provide a powerful and natural. So, how Sony MDR-XB600 performs?


Sony MDR-XB600 comes in Black and brown, the headset has a Sony original design, which is unfortunately the spotlight on plastic, where a certain fragility. Both headphones are mounted on hinges to swing – an asset to the DJ – and back on the bow for transport. It enjoys good indication left / right earphone and flat cable to avoid knots. However, we regret that the cable splits and it is not removable. Terminal side, Sony has opted for a standard 3.5 mm jack (three contacts). Too bad that no accessories are delivered!

Sony MDR-XB600 headset

Average sound quality

The Sony MDR-XB600 headset is quite comfortable. The headphones do not rely on the ears, which can be used for several hours. In addition, it insulates well from the outside. When listening, the bass are present, which gives the sound of relief. But they also tend to muffle the sound. This is confirmed by analyzing the bandwidth. It is certainly wide (26 to 19,991 Hz), but exhibits a peak at 266 Hz, then a drop to 548 Hz Of the remaining frequencies, bandwidth proves to be very irregular and shows that the return of acute and a portion of the media, is rather chaotic.

The verdict

Sony MDR-XB600 headphones are comfortable, but focus too low, thus sound quality average. We expected better from Sony on a model sold 70 euros.

This was all about the Sony MDR-XB600 headphones and its review.

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