Sony MDR-XB800 Headphones insulates well but sound is low: Review & Specs

Sony MDR-XB800 gives the sound a bit muffled because of the prominence of the bass. However, it insulates well from the outside, and the headphones can be folded.

Sony MDR-XB800

The closed model Sony MDR-XB800 is quite comfortable and easy to transport. But low, too present, affect the sound balance.

The promise

Sony MDR-XB800

Sony offers a closed headphone for DJs and audiophiles. Diaphragms with neodymium 50 mm, this Sony MDR-XB800 model delivers, according to the manufacturer, powerful bass and balanced sound. The promise is held?


Black and silver headphones Sony has a beautiful design, but is unfortunately the spotlight on plastic. It approves the clever system of joints and pivots which allows the headphones to fold the hoop for transportation, but also rotate 90 degrees – a handy feature for DJs. To avoid knots, the audio cable is 1.3 m dish. Too bad it is not removable! Sony MDR-XB800 is the quite comfortable to wear, despite an arch a little hard. Good point, it is not too tight ears and isolate outside noise very well.

Sound too low!

Sony MDR-XB800

By listening, we appreciate the thumping bass that give relief, but put forward makes the sound a little deaf. Certainly, there are psychics, but they are too recessed. Measurement bandwidth (20 to 18,727 Hz) confirms it regularly until about 2600 Hz (the ear is most sensitive to frequencies between 2500 and 5000 Hz), and then becomes chaotic with sudden drop to 11,150 Hz will correct balance between the bass, midrange and treble with an equalizer.

The verdict

Wanting to emphasize the bass sound Sony made imbalance. Some enjoy, others spend their way. It is a pity, because the headphones are pretty comfortable, easy to transport and insulates from outside noise.

This was all regarding the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones which are available for €129.

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