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Sony PS4 Orbis with A10 APU chip: Specs & Features

Sony upcoming Play Station has been revealed and this time new PlayStation will be supported by new development kit ‘Orbis’ and will be called as Sony PS4 Orbis. This new PlayStation will ofcourse outstanding but its most outstanding feature is the use of one of the new chips from AMD Trinity APU in A10 model, the most potent of the series.

Sony PS4 Orbis

Using this type of accelerated processing unit would be new to gaming consoles to combine CPU, GPU and controller on the same die, but remember, at the moment it is more of a ‘PC adapted’ for the development of the console.

The new version Sony PS4 Orbis would retain the Blu-ray standard component of a few certain of the PS4.

Sony PS4 Orbis will be delivered in kits with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage capacity. A reasonable amount for the PS4 though not known whether based hard drives or SSDs. We assume depend on the price of flash memory in the following months.

As for connectivity, say that “there is no difference between the PS3 and the new version of Orbis” with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI.

The big question when new Sony PS4 Orbis will be marketed but there is no official response. Rumors point to an Xbox 720 for Christmas 2013 and a little later Sony PS4 Orbis.