Sony Xperia ion Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

The world debut of the smartphone Sony Xperia ion in the beginning of the year and only a week ago, it got to the many other countries. The new Xperia is a work on the mistakes made with the release of Sony Xperia S. Does this mean that now the Xperia ion becomes the owner of the flagship titles? Yes, although the Sony convinced that the leader is still Xperia S, but we understand that it is not. Therefore, the estimation will treat top model with the utmost rigor.

Xperia ion

Appearance and ergonomics

Dimensions of the Sony Xperia ion device are comparable to the smartphones of Samsung, LG and HTC. To understand how we compare several smartphones

Sony Xperia Ion – 133 x 68 x 10.8 mm, 144 g
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 137 x 71 x 8.6 mm, 133 g
LG Optimus 4x HD – 132 x 68 x 8.9 mm, 133 g
HTC One X – 134 x 70 x 8.9 mm, 130 g
Sony Xperia S – 128 x 64 x 10.6 mm, 144 g

It would seem that the difference in thickness between the S and the ion of 0.2 mm, which is difficult to notice, even when compared head-on, but the bigger smart phone “issue” wider at the rear of the sidewalls. Have the same form and ends. In fact, it turns out that the dimensions of the Xperia ion could be close to Xperia S, but only if you compare them to the front side.
The design of the smart phone is dominated by sharp corners. The front panel is covered by mineral glass. Fringing the glass plastic is made on a par with it. This means that to put the phone down on the table display is not recommended because it is likely to spoil the appearance.
At the top of the Sony Xperia ion is speaker, the lens HD-camera, proximity sensor and light and light events. Below are four touch keys – “Menu”, “Home”, “Back” and “Search”. The latter suggests that the design of the Sony Xperia ion apparatus was developed long before released a few months ago, Sony Xperia S, which rejected the use of this useless keys. The second element, encounters this idea – backlight. It is located directly below the icons of shortcuts, and looks like a small luminous strip.

Considering the smartphone front, you may notice that it has more of Sony Ericsson in 2011, for example, Sony Ericsson Xperia ray, rather than on Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia acro S. Good or bad judgment does not undertake, but many respondents agreed that the design of the smartphone is less expressive.

The left side of Sony Xperia ion is a sliding plastic cap, beneath which are MicroHDMI connectors and MicroUSB.

On the opposite side of the four hardware buttons are visible, two of which are combined into a single elongated responsible for the volume control. The two remaining – the button on / lock – at the top, and the camera button – at the bottom. Sony Xperia ion second smartphone with a large display, in which the key is unlocking is not on the top side of the case, and on the sidewall. Thanks to the “correct” location, you do not have to train your thumb, stretching it at length. All the keys appear above the surface just enough so as not to attract attention and it is easy to grope blindly.
At the top of Sony Xperia ion is a headphone jack, and bottom – the microphone. Around the 3.5 mm connector body slightly elevated. Why this is done, we are not clear. Perhaps it is one of the designer’s ingenuity.
The back side of Sony Xperia ion is convex. Its main part is made of aluminium, while the region near the ends of plastic, which is caused by technical necessity, as there are antenna wireless communication modules. In such a sacrifice had to go and on the sidewalls, on one side of a plastic cap, and the second – round plastic insert mechanical keys.
The presentation of Xperia ion, I was not able to determine where the SIM-card can be inserted and it turned out, the same place where a memory card slot is inserted. To access them with considerable force needed to push away the upper part of the body. Fortunately, this action will not perform often, so to speak of it as the red is not necessary.

With a proven solution, it is not clear why the Sony Xperia S decided to resort to the use of a removable rear cover, which is needed except for the SIM-card. On the other hand, even with a minimum of collapsible body parts creaked smartphone. Perhaps making a removable cover in the S, the manufacturer has given the owners an opportunity to deal with the creaking own methods?

The camera lens is surrounded by a projection, which most likely is intended to protect it from scratches. Under it, closer to the center, located outbreak, the grid of the slots by a speaker and, of course, the logo of Sony Ericsson. Interestingly, when the company will come up with a new one?

So, what can we say about the design, ergonomics, build quality and materials of the Sony Xperia ion? The smartphone is not really small, but those who are looking for a compact device, never look in the direction of such giants. As befits a masthead unit, the diagonal of the display is 4.6″, and its resolution is 1280×720 pixels. The materials used are not satisfactory, as well as build quality. The only thing that surprised, the presence of scratches, which are eliminated in the home, is virtually impossible. Unless you do not have hex screwdriver. The smartphone is good in the hand, and the use of the correct placement of the keys unlock requires no special skill.

The operating system and interface

Sony Xperia ion is running in the smartphone operating system, a recent version of Android 4.0.4, respectively, it is hoped that an update for Xperia ion is not far off. The interface of Sony Xperia ion is similar to Xperia S.

Another part of the review, which repeats Sony Xperia S. Differences in only two – twice less ROM, which is directly connected to the second – the availability of slots for memory cards. That’s it! The chipset which includes two ARMv9-core Qualcomm MSM8260 and 1. GHz, graphics core Adreno 220 and 1 GB of RAM. It may seem that these characteristics do not meet the vision of the leader of the mid-2012, but even that is enough for comfortable work with any applications or games, in addition, Qualcomm MSM8260 has other advantages – low power consumption, if the battery capacity of 1900 mA / h gives good results. Speaking digit is a day of work for a small number of conversations, using the camera, automatic synchronization of Wi-Fi, and communication in social networks.


Traditionally, the latest technology used by Sony devices No air gap, which means – no air gap between the matrix and the mineral glass screen. In practice, this translates into a higher brightness and the effect of “drawing on the case.” When compared with the LG Optimus 4x HD, same brightness, the Optimus 4x HD better viewing angles, while Sony – sharpness, even without using the Mobile Bravia Engine. With viewing angles of the Sony obvious problems, it is necessary to reject the screen 90 º, as the colors begin to fade. But at typical viewing angles, the picture pleasing to the eye, and Sony showed the sun well.

Camera of 12MP in Sony Xperia ion is pretty good. Start the camera can be a menu or by using a mechanical press. Its functionality is configured in the menu and long press will start up the camera with the fixation frame, running the camera without fixation or no action at all. Two-position button that allows you to use it to restore the focus, followed by fixation. In the process of recording video with the focus of this key cannot be, but the camera does this automatically.


The question: “Will it better to Sony Xperia ion Sony Xperia S?, Answer – yes! In our opinion Xperia ion beats the S in all, another thing is whether you can use the smartphone with such dimensions, because the novelty anymore. The second option is more subjective design – it is a matter of taste.

If we talk about official prices, the advantage is on the side of the Sony Xperia S, which is logical, it appeared earlier, and requests the Sony was much more modest.

Pros of Sony Xperia ion:

+ Display
+ Camera
+ Speed
+ Performance
+ Body materials
+ quality and volume of sound
+ card support

Cons of Sony Xperia ion:

– Scrape the back
– the cost is too high

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