Sony Xperia Neo L Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Xperia Neo is mid range Xperia smartphone series which includes few devices including last year launched Sony Xperia Neo V then Sony Xperia Neo. Today we have brought you review a smartphone from Xperia Neo series, in this case we are talking about Sony Xperia Neo L smartphone.

Sony Xperia Neo L
Usually, if the producers decided to release a restyled model, it comes down to eliminate disadvantages of its predecessor and added some highlights, which will explicitly tell all that to you new. But, in practice, it happens not always. However, the new model Sony Xperia Neo L rarely gets worse than before.

Sides and ends of the housing smartphone Sony Xperia Neo L

Sony Xperia Neo L – an example of how not to act. First the right cabinet side is missing so familiar to Sony / Sony Ericsson camera key. It’s not uncommon when it is due to the presence of this very key, users gave their preference for smart phones of this brand. And finally, the third, the rejection of pearl in the shell smartphone, making the glossy plastic is even more unattractive than in Xperia Neo.


Slot for memory card format MicroSD slot is located under the SIM-cards. But, thanks to a hull design got rid of backlash and scratches present in the Xperia Neo and Xperia Neo V. What to choose, you decide!

Sony Xperia Neo L
Interface and Software

Smartphone Sony Xperia Neo L smartphone is one of the few published immediately upgrading to version 4 of the operating system Android. It would seem that recent version of an operating system is to contribute something useful to the interface Xperia UX, but also here in the Sony decided to stand out from the others – there is simply no visual changes, except for the appearance of the button “Settings” and tray, and grouped by category menu. Of course, developers can understand. They had never particularly delighted owners variety of widgets and personalization, and in a situation where all are trying to save money and do not expect.


At this point, the interface of smartphones, Sony one of the most simple, with a minimum of setup and the only thing that makes at least some diversity, it is the visual effects when installing widgets.

Sony is one of the few who actually use the minimum number of hardware platforms, which should have a positive impact on economic performance in general. In most cases it chipsets Qualcomm – MSM8255 and MSM8260, rarely – ST Ericsson NovaThor U8500. Only this can explain the appearance MSM8255 in a relatively new device, especially since, when the market reached Sony Xperia U / Sola / P / Go running on a dual-core NovaThor. This is one more reason to wonder strategies of Sony, understand which is getting harder and harder. On the other hand, the graphics chip that is installed in the MSM8255 is much better than that used in a huge number of cheap smartphones Samsung, HTC, LG, namely the Adreno 200. As a result the stock performance of Sony Xperia Neo L is higher than that of competitors. But the coin as you know, there are two sides, and the other side is more powerful graphics system is a low energy, which is clearly visible when using a smartphone. For example, in a typical load mode: a small number of calls, automatic synchronization Wi-Fi/3G, reading news feeds in social networking client discharge the battery before our eyes. Unplug the machine from the charger in the morning, in the evening (8-10 hours), be prepared for the fact that it will notify you of low battery. Surprisingly, the application to test the time of Android-smartphone Antutu Tester shows different results. The only suggestion of such diverse figures reduced to connect to the Wi-Fi network in the normal mode of operation.
As for the smooth operation of the interface, Sony Xperia Neo L is the same, for better or worse than other devices located in the same price range – in most cases it works smoothly, but as the number of background tasks, smartphone response to user begins to slow.

Sony Xperia Neo L

One of the obvious differences from Sony Xperia Neo L and Neo V is increased display size from 3.7″ to 4″. The resolution is the same, 854 x 480 pixels (245 ppi). The picture quality is good, but no more. Together with the rejection of the camera button, the Sony Xperia Neo L refused the technology Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine and whereby when viewing photos and video user sees sharper images and a little deeper black than without it.


Smartphone camera module is a 5 megapixel matrix with a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 images and video of 1280×720. The latter was made possible by GPU Adreno 205. Also present autofocus and flash.

The interface is identical to what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which uses “naked” Android.

Rather than focus on a few key models, Sony is bringing the new smartphones in range to unimaginable proportions. So much so, that the device is simply difficult to distinguish from each other. And this Sony Xperia Neo L phone is best example of this case; we have found few problems in this phone covering few ergonomics and its camera quality.

+ Compact size
+ Android 4.0
+ Front camera
+ Video recording with a resolution of 720p

– Glossy casing and tempered glass
– Camera quality
– Battery life
– Shortcomings in ergonomics

This was all about the Sony Xperia Neo L Android smartphone and its review.

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