Sony Xperia Z: Features & Specs

The mobile market is to constantly evolve and it seems that Sony has learned the lesson and the Xperia range is the most complete Android rivalling the Galaxy range. All brands are bringing the next generation of its Android devices, and now goes for the high end. Sony is going to reveal its upcoming Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony does not want to be left behind in this fight for first place and will go everywhere, and if you do not care for the price (of which we have no data will be high but safe) get ready to see the features of the new Sony Xperia Z will make you think twice before you buy another high end Android handset, thanks to its multi-core processor and next-generation version of Android operating system i.e. Android V4.1, (Jelly Bean).


Multi-core processor (four cores)
1GB of RAM
16 GB of internal memory
Rear camera with automatic flash 13MP and front to 720p
4.6 inch screen
Resolution of 1,280 by 710 pixels
Micro Sim
Weight of 140 g

With these features it seems that Sony has put all eggs in one basket, and has prepared a worthy phone to compete with the great, and with these features have no problem doing so, besides making sure you have the latest version of the first system in After removing ICS JellyBean and then upgrade to a process which is more expensive.

The price of Sony Xperia Z is not known yet but we can imagine it will not be cheap.

It seems that the release date of this Sony Xperia Z is in this August but we do not know when it will be on sale in the markets.

No doubt this Sony Xperia Z smartphone is the best option against other Android mobile operating system is its great variety of mobile passing lower-middle range in which some are very good value for price but their characteristics are not the best and terminals as the Xperia Z have the latest technology in hardware and software with the best components and the great Android operating system that does not need big monsters like this to run the latest versions but struggling to get the most power. This upcoming Jelly Bean Smartphone i.e. Sony Xperia Z would come with bang.

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