SuperPaquito, the tablet for children: Features & Price

Imaginarium announced this week a new “toy” for children is aimed to be the first contact of the children with technology. Unlike other tablets, SuperPaquito has an interface designed only for kids in the house by Imaginarium, Spanish company dedicated to educational Toys for babies and children.


The contents of SuperPaquito is structured around five key areas: i-college to learn in an interactive and personalized media, entertainment and culture to learn playing, family & friends to develop their interpersonal intelligence, parental control, which provides secure access to information universal and superior technology, exclusive to the device.

The superhero has been accompanied to PaquitoLand, digital content platform and multi-device, where parents and children can download educational and recreational applications, selected by Imaginarium.

PaquitoLand has a wide selection of digital content over 3,500 children classified by age and theme: E-books, cartoons, apps, music, movies, games … also includes R-Moon , its own storage space that allows families enjoy all the contents in any location and device.


SuperPaquito has an affordable price, and that the product label reflects the price of 299 €, a price set for its technical characteristics.

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