Telephoto Lens for iPad Mini: Photojojo’s 12x optical zoom

With the new Smartphones and tabs, multiple devices are getting integrated into one – a mobile + digital camera + video camera + decent computing.

8 Megapixel cameras on Smartphones are common these days. Although the picture quality does not match a dedicated digital camera with optics, for most occassions, the smartphone cameras are equally great. What a Smartphone camera lacks is the telephoto lens. Now, Photojojo is filling that gap to some extent by introducing 12x to the iPad Mini and 10x zoom to the iPad 3 and 4.

In both cases, this accessory will greatly improve the camera capabilities of the 9.7 inch iPad and its iPad Mini.Its worth noting that Photojojo’s Telephoto Lens for iPhone is available since 2011 at a price of $35.

As it is you are going to stand out in crowd trying to take a picture with your iPad. So what difference does an extra lens for $25 make.

ipad telephoto lens
ipad telephoto lens (source: Photojojo)

Photojojo notes at its website:

Much like a full-grown adult doing cartwheels, iPad photography can look a little silly, but it is just so much fun. You get to see your photo through a ginormous viewfinder before your even snap it.
It’s time to take your iPad photography one step, or 10 steps, further with the iPad telephoto lens. This lens adds 10-12 times telephoto power to your iPad. […]

The iPad telephoto lens has a manual focusing ring as well. With this, you can control its shallow depth of field. So if you love photography and do not want to carry multiple gadgets along with your iPad, this can be a great iDevice for you.

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