Terry Gou, “Do not rush to buy Galaxy S III, because the new iPhone will be much better”

Today, Terry Gou, who currently is CEO of Foxconn and Foxconn is a primary manufacturer of Apple since years. He said in a shareholders’ meeting that we should not rush to buy Samsung Galaxy S III just wait for Apple iPhone 5 which is going to be massive and it will be better than Galaxy S III. So just we need to do it just wait for new iPhone to come out and I don’t think so Samsung the Korean manufacturer will able to face it.

As Terry said, he very much wants to avoid the company Samsung, the Korean manufacturer calling “a company whose main achievements are the denunciations of the competition.” But when it came to Sharp’s head of Foxconn calmed down and added

“I respect the Japanese for their diligence and communication style. Unlike the Koreans, they will not beat you in the back”

Well, let’s wait and see.

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