The Amazon Appstore grows to 500% due to Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has announced that the download of applications from its Appstore has increased by 500% last year; this amazing achievement is not surprising considering that the Amazon Appstore has become a global resource for users of the Android platform, but especially for owners of the Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire HD

In addition to this growth, has also indicated that Amazon has doubled the number of games available on the Kindle Fire since it launched the Kindle Fire HD. Developers are also downloading the SDK much from the Amazon Appstore, although this is partly due to a system A / B testing to assess the distribution of applications through the Appstore.

Amazon is trying to gain the interest of developers with new features like GameCircle, a system that adds achievements, rankings and the ability to add friends in our online games for games distributed through the App Store. There is also the new API for maps, more interactive than the current one, and localization support, offering developers the opportunity to add specific languages and prices depending on the region where it is sold and the game application.

This was all regarding the Amazon Appstore growth which is positively affected by the Kindle Fire HD tablet and new arrivals of apps.

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