The Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen almost perfect: Review & specs

This Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen offers excellent image quality, ergonomics at the top, a good response time, a USB 3.0 hub … all at a price significantly lower than that of a Eizo or NEC.

Asus Pro Art PA248Q

The promise

With Asus Pro Art PA248Q, Asus wants to attract users very demanding in terms of image quality and ergonomics, with a price two to three times lower than that of professional instructors in very upscale – manufactured by NEC and Eizo tenors. I have brought the review of this device Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen which is going to guide you. The machine returns to the fundamentals of its predecessor, the PA246Q : an LCD panel with IPS (In-Plane Switching) calibrated at the factory and a sophisticated foot. This is especially the ergonomics progressing: Asus adds a hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports and a mini-joystick for navigating the setup menu.

Asus Pro Art PA248Q


The Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen may seem austere to some, but the finish is impeccable. Its case, matte black plastic, exudes high-end, supported by a foot and more sophisticated. You can adjust the height of the screen to rotate to portrait mode and rotate the frame easily from right to left. Note that the LCD panel has a matte coating, little prone to glare, especially the 16/10 (1920 by 1200 dots), which offers a wider field of view than the conventional 16/9.

Asus Pro Art PA248Q

True Colours

The image rendering of Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen is factory calibrated to ensure faithful color. The manufacturer also provides a report certifying an average DeltaE of less than 5. The higher the number, the more the colors displayed by the screen are faithful to the real colors. When the DeltaE below 3, the human eye cannot distinguish between the actual color shade and the one displayed. In practice, fidelity is considered perfect! Our color probe confirms the promises made by the manufacturer: an average DeltaE measured at 1.7 on a full range of colors when the screen is set to sRGB mode (with a maximum DeltaE 4.8 on the green and blue). This is an excellent result, especially since our second probe (Minolta) shows that the screen displays shades of gray very disciplined, which is not the case with all monitors. Rendering image suffers only with a problem: a contrast ratio of a little low (maximum 938:1). This result is however very correct for an IPS panel. It could have been better. Of light leakage on the top right corner and lower left, are decreasing the depth of black. We recommend to drastically lower the intensity of the screen to 30% (about 140 cd / m² brightness) to effectively diminish light leaks.

Perfect for gamers

Like its little brother (the PA238Q), the Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen has an IPS panel whose reactivity is well controlled. Provided, however, decrease the option Trace Free (overdrive Asus) to 40! Its default setting of 60 causes a ghosting effect reversed (reverse ghosting) unpleasant. After this small adjustment, the monitor has lived up with the fastest games.

Ergonomics are flawless

With a hub USB 3.0 very effective, the monitor from Asus offers four ports easily accessible on the left side of the frame. In some test it was tested with a SSD and an excellent performance record for the transfer. Moreover, the setup menu screen is very well designed. The mini-joystick control is a brilliant idea and a real pleasure! And nothing to spoil, Asus has managed to control the consumption of the monitor: 0.2 W in off, standby 0.8 W and 40 W maximum.

The verdict

There were only two blemishes on the Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen: the lack of integrated speakers. This 24-inch monitor, however, takes first place in comparison, narrowly overtaking the Eizo Foris FS2332, thanks to its advanced foot. We can only recommend it as Asus Pro Art PA248Q, a 24-inch screen is really perfect and affordable.

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