The most anticipated children gift for the New Year – iPad

According to annual research of company Nielsen, the most anticipated American children gift for the New Year is iPad. For it voted 48% of children aged 6 to 12 years. And in the first five most voted are 4 product of Apple – iPad, iPod Touch, iPad mini and iPhone. This trend continues throughout the last four years and makes one more time to think about the fate of the next generation of gaming consoles.

iPad gift for the New Year

The only game console, break into the top of the list on the wave of interest in the product launch – Nintendo Wii U. In fact, no less than the top 5 products are interesting and devices that fall into the bottom of the list of the most anticipated gifts. Children show minimal interest to the set-top box Apple TV, tablet Microsoft Surface, other mobile phone of manufacturers, smart phones and tablet series of Samsung Galaxy. Another interesting fact is that even an old PlayStation Portable by popularity ahead of a new and more advanced PlayStation Vita. In the middle of the list go nose to nose Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and happy 21% voted in favor of e-books. In category 13 +, opinions are divided not polar, but the iPad is here, the most awaited gift for the New Year – it has 21% of votes. Slightly inferior to the Apple computer 19% and the tablets of other companies 18%. Bottom of the list are the same Apple TV, Microsoft Surface and portable consoles. For children up to 13 years and their commitment to certain brands and types of devices is a very important indicator, which shows the long-term trend, and even some entire companies. Microsoft, Samsung and Sony have to think about.

iPad gift
In many countries the polls of this kind has been conducted, but from experience I can say that the students of 12-13 years also dream of tablets and smartphones Apple for New Year. Other brands and products are children barely discussed. What kind of gadgets and devices want to see under the Christmas tree of your children and relatives, you can comment here to tell others, we will also be distributing Christmas gift you may be lucky as well to get an iPad or something useful for you, so stay tuned for more updates..

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