Thermaltake Level 10M, BMW Gaming Mouse: Specs & Features

In February, first saw this mouse, Thermaltake Level 10M, as a gamer peripheral designed by BMW for Thermaltake. It has an aggressive and transgressive and offers numerous features that put you in front of gamer mouse.

Thermaltake Level 10M

These include the ease of displacement 3D, thanks to the possibility to adjust the height and angle. Apart from this, we have a solid aluminium base designed as performed in the aerospace industry, is lightweight and strong.

Thermaltake Level 10M has a series of perforations improve airflow and heat exchange passively during long gaming sessions. Also comes with software that lets you program and customize five profiles of games, a total of 11 programmable commands.

Thermaltake Level 10M

The sensitivity is adjustable ranging from 800 DPI to 8200 DPI in increments of 1600, 3200 and 5000 (default). Until now we knew it was a concept that was going to make. Now we state that has reached the market matching with Thermaltake Level 10M Chassis and priced at $ 99.

Well, we have already brought you information about other gaming mouse but if we specifically talk about Thermaltake Level 10M gaming mouse then we will find its design is really impressive and suits any gamer who will love it.

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