Toshiba AL13SE: 2.5-inch HDD 10500RPM

Toshiba has introduced an unusual range of enterprise-class hard drives – Toshiba AL13SE. This HDD has a spindle speed of 10,500 revolutions per minute for the form factor 2.5 inches. This class of device is not uncommon. For example, in 2010 introduced a line of Hitachi drives Ultrastar C10K600, with a spindle speed of 10,000 rev / min, but the maximum capacity of the HDD iwas 600 GB. Toshiba was able to achieve more significant results, not only in the spindle speed.

Toshiba AL13SE

The maximum capacity of Toshiba AL13SE is around 900 GB, plus there are models in the line of 300, 450 and 600 GB. In addition, the new product has used interface SAS 2.0 (6 Gb / s) rather than the more traditional SATA. According to the manufacturer, data rates in the new drive is 32% higher than the previous generation models, and the MTBF is 2 million hours, which is 25% more than its predecessors.
Among other features, we note the average search time for records – 4.1 ms, while reading – 3.7 ms, buffer size – 64 MB size – 100.45 x 69 x 85.15 mm, weight – 240 g or less, depending on capacity. Noise level in Standby mode does not exceed 30 dB. The price of Toshiba AL13SE manufacturer has not yet spread.

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