Toshiba presents discs for professional and 10,500 rpm 900 GB

The Toshiba company just added to its range of hard drives for enterprise applications disc 2.5-inch and 10,500 revolutions per minute speed, with a capacity for storage of 900 GB. This capability is based on a data density per area of 856 Mbit/mm2, achieved by using a magnetic head recording new data and new improved magnetic layer on the disk.

Toshiba 10,500 RPM hard drive

The new Toshiba 900 GB hard disc offers a transfer rate of 286 MB / s , 32% faster than the generation preceding discs Toshiba s, and is the first market to position using a recording head dual-stage which provides 30 % more accuracy and a more stable and secure data.

In terms of energy and environmental efficiency, has improved its energy consumption by 41% compared to its predecessors and does not use halogen or antimony, two pollutants. These two features allow customers to reduce their CO2 emissions by 2.4 kg per year.

The HDD market for enterprise applications is increasing demand for 2.5-inch drives, because they are smaller, consume less power, generate less heat and processing speed are more than 3.5inches. These 2.5-inch drives used in servers, storage systems and data centers. This was all regarding the latest arrival of Toshiba 2.5-inches 10,500 rpm hard drive.

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