Toshiba Satellite U945 and P845t ultrabooks and Satellite S955 laptop revealed at IFA 2012: Specs & Features

In addition to the unusual ultrabook-transformer Satellite U925t company Toshiba has brought to the IFA 2012 a few more traditional laptops, including two ultrabooks, Toshiba Satellite U945 and Toshiba Satellite P845t, and a thin 15-inch laptop Toshiba Satellite S955.

Toshiba Satellite S955 Ultrabook
The latter, though not classified as ultrabooks, it is too for such devices is large, but the device has received a 30% thinner than the current products in the line Satellite S. Of interest is the fact that Toshiba does not favor any particular hardware platform and equips a novelty as the processor Ivy Bridge Core i5 CPU and AMD A8 APU. The maximum amount of memory is 8 GB of disk space – 750 GB.

Toshiba Satellite S955
In addition, the Toshiba Satellite S955 laptop can offer two ports USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 and supports Sleep-and-Charge, output HDMI, adapter Ethernet, Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth 4.0, optical drive DVD. The company has not covered the cost of new items, but the price will be clearly lower than in the series of laptops Satellite P.

Toshiba Satellite U945

Ultrabook Toshiba Satellite U945 features a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and is a fairly low-end solution with a price tag between $ 650-700 and running Windows 8. As the processor uses Intel Core i3 or Core i5, and 500 GB HDD added 32-gigabyte SSD-drive for faster boot and application, plus there are 4 GB of RAM.

Toshiba Satellite P845t
In a rather thin shell (19.8 mm) Toshiba Satellite U945 has the three ports USB (pair USB 3.0, one – USB 2.0), plug Ethernet, card reader and output HDMI. The actual weight of the laptop, Toshiba has not called, mentioning only that he is “less than 1.8 kg.”

Toshiba Satellite P845t to their weight and size characteristics are closer to a laptop than to ultrabooks, the more that it even has an optical drive DVD, but Toshiba still promotes it as a compact solution. One of its most important features is the presence of a capacitive touch panel on the 14 display (1366×768 pixels). Naturally, all of Toshiba Satellite P855t beauty is revealed in the Windows OS 8, running on the new. That is, it is not necessary to wait for the release before October 26.

The rest of the filling is traditional: the Core i3 or Core i5 third generation, 6 GB of RAM, similar to those described above laptops communication capabilities. Allocated only Harman Kardon sound system and the availability of technology support Sleep-and Music one of the USB-ports (using the laptop speakers, when it was in sleep mode).
This was all regarding Toshiba Satellite U945 and P845t ultrabooks and Satellite S955 laptop, stay tuned for more updates regarding this ultra compact Toshiba solution.

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