Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S: Review & Specs

The new Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S is designed for users, and a large hard drive capacity, to take your data with style. The Japanese firm has opted for a steel chassis, minimalist lines and a port USB 3.0.

Toshiba launches new external Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S drive in a compact packaging and accompanied by a cover standing to transport, the necessary USB 3.0 cable (as you know, also works in USB 2.0) and two software solutions inside: the burning suite Nero BackItUp & Burn Essentials and media player Nero Kwik Media.


• Manufacturer: Toshiba
• Model: Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S
• 500 Gbytes. 5400 RPM.
• Steel chassis
• Includes one year of data recovery service
• Web:
• Price: 75 euros


The Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S sports a stunning aesthetic, where only a sticker at odds with the bar code, which fortunately can be easily removed. The use of steel grams earns some respect to solutions that resort to plastic, but you cannot deny that it offers solid feel is far superior. A discreet LED on the front is responsible for informing us of your activity at all times.

Inside, we found a 2.5-inch hard drive at a speed of 5400 RPM and has a cache of 8 MB. In tests, and running over USB 3.0 we obtained average 66.5 MB / s in write and 77.7 MB / s in reading, using two classic programs to determine the performance of these devices: HD Tune Pro and HD Tach. The numbers are slightly lower than those of similar devices that have passed through the laboratory technician but, in any case, the jump from USB 2.0 is brutal.


In order to add value to the product and a clear nod to the professionals, the Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S includes in the price a year of data recovery service. Thus, ensures data integrity even before hardware failure but always recommends having copies of the most sensitive data in multiple media.
When choosing an external hard drive should go for a manufacturer guarantees, especially if you need to store important data and we will use it as a portable storage solution, taking it from one place to another frequently. This Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S is not exactly inexpensive and it is not the fastest, but in our view, makes up the difference with outstanding build quality, added value in the form of software and services and the experience of the firm Japanese in this market.
The Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S is now available at all authorized resellers at a price of around 75 euros. In addition to the version 500 Gbytes of capacity, there are models with 640 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB and 1.5 Terabytes.

This was all regarding the review of Toshiba STOR.E STEEL S external drive.

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