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TP LINK TL PA251KIT a CPL kit 200 Mbit/s cheap and effective: Review & Specs

This TP LINK TL PA251KIT CPL kit 200 Mbit / s offers good performance with actual throughput over 9 MB / s in optimal conditions. It does not hog your wall outlets with the postponement of the electrical outlet.


The TP LINK TL PA251KIT kit costs less than 45 euros and offers transfer from the electrical outlet on both modules. It offers maximum actual throughput of 9.34 MB / s.

The promise

TP-Link offers a kit PLC (powerline) cheap (less than 45 euros). The TP LINK TL PA251KIT offers a theoretical maximum of 200 Mbit / s (about 25 MB / s).


The TP LINK TL PA251KIT is a kit consisting of two boxes that offer CPL delaying the electrical outlet not to monopolize your outlet. The kit also includes a Quick Setup sheet, clear and didactic, two network cables of 1.2 m and an installation CD. It contains the Powerline Utility program for Windows. With five tabs (main state, private network, quality of service, diagnostics, about), this program allows you to easily manage certain functions. Thus, you can adjust the quality of service by choosing between four types of traffic (Internet, online gaming, audio and video, voice over IP). Too bad it is a bit austere for beginners.

Excellent speed 25 m

Performance of TP LINK TL PA251KIT is pretty good. Under optimum conditions, the rate is 9.34 MB / s to 25 m of 7.51 MB / s to 100 m and 8.04 MB / s to 150 m. In comparison, the AV200 Powerline XAVB2501 Netgear is a bit faster (from 9.45 to 9.13 MB / s). If AC power is disrupted by other devices remain satisfactory rates: 7.44 MB / s 6.23 MB / s depending on distance. In addition, consume little: 2.5W in operation and 0.8W in standby. Housings have three activity LEDs (on / off Powerline network and Ethernet), as well as a button automatically establish a secure powerline connection (AES 128 bit).
The verdict

The TP LINK TL PA251KIT is a good deal for the CPL 200 Mbit / s transfer from the electrical outlet. Both modules proved easy to use and offer good rates.

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