Transparent Smartphone: Will you purchase?

Taiwan-based technology firm Polytron Technologies claims to have developed a next generation mobile which will be a transparent mobile phone. The firm plans to launch the transparent mobile by the end of the year 2013 that uses Switchable Glass technology.

What Switchable Glass technology means is when the phone is not in use or switched off, the molecules align to form a milky composition and will have a cloudy white look and when it is switched on, the molecules align themselves to form and display text, pictures, and images in some parts of the screen. The rest of the screen remains clear. The liquid crystal molecules used in the OLED display constitutes the Switchable Glass technology. The transparent wires will carry the electric current.

Transparent Mobile

The company has started the marketing of the transparent multi touch mobile. As per Polytron general manager Sam Yu the phone will definitely come to market by end of 2013.

The screen is going to be transparent however the technology is not yet advanced where we can get the supporting peripherals transparent. The battery, SD card, SIM card are not transparent. Also the microphone and camera are visible, but those will be hidden behind a dark glass cover. The phone will be dual-sided multi touch display on both front and back side.

Transparent Mobile

We are not sure what additional features the transparent phone is going to bring on table and also what will be the operating system of this phone. But one thing is for sure that this will have all the features of the smartphones currently available in market.

What will be the market demand of this transparent device is yet to be seen. Will the feature of transparency attracts users or not will be clear in days to come. Polytron is upbeat on the technology though and seems to be working with few big handset manufacturers to bring the transparent phone to meet its commitment.

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