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Use Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD to Colour your Air Max sneakers

Its been years since we have been using images taken to print on memorabilia like Coffee mugs. When I first came across this story about Nike allowing you to design your own shows using images taken, I first thought its the same thing. However, its not exactly.

This is how Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD design process will work.

Your Instagram library will praobably have the images taken by you.

A new PHOTOiD HTML5 web app will take those chosen pictures (taken by smartphone, camera, tablet or desktop etc.) and combine that to its custom ordering proces.

However, it does not print the image as it is. Nike PHOTOiD only takes the colors from the image to design your favorite Air Max shoe like Nike Air Max 1 iD, Nike Air Max 90 iD or Nike Air Max 95 iD. This is based on colors currently available for each shoe.

Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD: Design your own shoes

Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD: Design your own shoes (source:acclaimmag.com)

Once designed sharing is enabled through the usual social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+  and back to Instagram.

You also have an option to purchase it to be delivered in about a month.

Nike is a loved brand by sports enthusiasts and is known for its quality. Air Max is appreciated for its classic design and bold colored panels. Nike PHOTOiD provides a new, powerful tool to make your shoes more personal for you.

Some of the ideas to make your moments special:

1. What about taking a picture of a lovely dress of your girlfriend?
2. Child’s favourite toys may be?
3. Those lovely tulips in the garden?
5. Flower bouquet?
6. Picture of your favourite footballer in his jersey?

However, note that colors currently available for each shoe will decide that goes in.

Nike PHOTOiD is not available in all countries though. If you are in the U.K., U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan or China, it is available in these countries  from April 17.