Vivitek D7180HD Short -Throw Projector: Review & Specs

After previously published Epson EH-TW6100 Review and  LG Hecto Laser TV projector Review its time to look at a short throw projector Vivitek D7180HD. This looks perfectly suited for business projector category.

Vivitek has intoduced its ultra short throw  projector at a price of £286+VAT in the UK. The key aspect of writing about D7180HD is the Projection Distance. It is just 22.4 ~ 62.3 mm (±10 mm).

Vivitek D7180HD as a short throw business projector:

Apparently it’s shortest throw-ratio of 0.19:1 is a world record low. This should enable the presenter to go on with the presentation without projector light in the eyes and without causing shadows on the image. This is a typical problem with projectors needing longer projection distances where the presentor would be in between the projector and the screen.

Vivitek D7180HD short throw projector
Vivitek D7180HD short throw projector (source:Vivitek)

It can give you an image size of 86″ – 97″ diagonal at that projection distance. Its a DLP technology projector and manages to give 3400 ANSI Lumens brightness which is pretty decent. It uses a 6 segment wheel which is fairly standard these days for DLP projectors.

What was a slight put of f was he weight of D7180HD – 9 kgs. Now if its primarily meant as a business projector, eventually you would expect it to become more mobile and portable. I think with the advacement in technology of short throw projectors, eventually the weight should come down.

Vivitek D7180HD: Its not an altenative to home theater projectors

I do not think Vivitek is peojecting D7180HD as an alternative to home theater projectors. Its size is 354 x 411 x 219 mm (W x H x D). It has a 10W built-in speaker. Generally, people wanting a projector for a movie experience tend to have their own receiver like YAMAHA or Denon or Marantz which gives a 5.1 channel output that can be hooked to powerful speakers from dedicated speaker companies.

Bottom line:

All and all, Vivitek D7180HD is a good business projector suitable for presentations in a business environment.

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