VMWare announces new editions: Fusion 5.0, Workstation 9.0 and Player 5.0

VMware virtualization software has introduced three new VMware solutions for the consumer sector and Workstation, Workstation 9.0 for Windows 8, VMware Fusion 5.0 for Mac OS X and VMware Player 5.0, the free version for Windows systems.

VMware Fusion 5.0, Workstation 9.0 and Player 5.0

VMware Workstation 9.0 is designed to run on Windows 8 and Windows use virtual machines with support for multi-touch and USB 3.0. It also includes a number of graphical enhancements including 3D capability in Windows 8 without hardware acceleration and performance improvements. It also introduces Linux OpenGL guest or new web interface for accessing shared virtual machines through an electronic tablet or smartphone from a HTML5 web browser. It costs around $ 189 and VMWare test trial version is also available.

VMware Fusion 5.0 is for Mac users especially Mountain Lion contains improvements and a simplified installation process, support for Retina display MacBook Pro and USB 3.0, offering further improvements in performance by taking advantage of faster memory and solid state drives. It costs $ 50 and VMWare also offers test trial version of it.

VMware Player 5.0 is the free version (freeware) Windows for personal use and is designed to test virtual operating systems, applications or web browsing safely. Version 5.0 contains enhancements to the user interface, better adjustment to Windows standards and all virtual hardware improvements implemented in VMware Workstation 9.

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