Volvo autopilot car – coming in 2014: Features

The idea of creating autopilot car is not new; Google has several years of experience in this area and even is testing these vehicles, but Google is not the automaker, while actively cooperating with them and here we have brought some information regarding Volvo autopilot car which is coming in 2014.

Volvo autopilot car

However, the car maker, and, quite famous, is the company Volvo. And Volvo is also developing a self-managed vehicle – Volvo autopilot car. And, if Google has not said the timing of the final implementation of the project, and is limited to the phrase that “the car will be the main autopilot mode of movement in our lifetime “, the Volvo announced plans to release its first Volvo autopilot car in 2014. The first model will be able to carry out movement in the automatic mode at speeds up to 50 km / h; such a limitation is set due to the expectation of use of the vehicle in heavy traffic. Volvo is also working on the possibility of a self-governing movement of the vehicle and at a higher rate, but do not call time availability of a velocity model. In addition, by 2020, the company intends to ensure that its new vehicles are so safe that its use would not cause the appearance of casualties or injuries. This will be achieved through the complete elimination of the probable error of the driver.

Volvo currently involved in the program to create a Volvo autopilot car about 50 engineers and actively collaborates with technology partners. A prototype of the car is already being tested on test track in Sweden, this was all regarding Volvo autopilot car, soon we will bring more information about it.

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