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WaveMaster Stax 2.1 an affordable 2.1 Speakers Audio Kit: Review, Specs & Features

For a moderate price, the WaveMaster Stax 2.1 provides a sound and a decent power with good bandwidth.

WaveMaster Stax 2.1

The WaveMaster Stax 2.1 does not pretend to shake the walls. The manufacturer announced WaveMaster Stax 2.1 with a power of 42 watts RMS over two satellites and a subwoofer. This is normal enough to sound in a living room or great room. And priced at Sold 65 Euros, the kit also offers some convenient options … Let’s see it in detail.


WaveMaster Stax 2.1

Unpacking, the WaveMaster Stax 2.1 is not impressed by its build quality. The speackers are all plastic – but fixed on a solid metal base – the subwoofer is very small and a little glitz. The design is original but ultimately remains fairly standard.

Great ideas on design

WaveMaster Stax 2.1

As with most kit 2.1 entry-level, this is the subwoofer that brings together most of the catch: those of the two speakers and the audio input jack. It is also on the box that is the bass control knob: no practice at all! No problem, however, to adjust the volume, since it managed to install a wired remote control on a corner office. This small remote control, all round, also includes a headphone jack and an auxiliary input.

Good point, WaveMaster Stax 2.1 is not stingy on cables. Three meters long and one that connects to the remote box, four meters for the two satellites! This gives a large installation. And that’s good, because the satellites are mounted on a swiveling stand for connecting to the wall. Another great tip from the manufacturer.

Good dynamic audio

WaveMaster Stax 2.1

But the best surprise is the sound! Despite its low price, this modest kit WaveMaster Stax 2.1 proves as enjoyable and even more valiant than many sets of 2.1 above range. It was measured a broad dynamic range (from 46.95 Hz to 20,049 Hz). Low frequencies are returned through the box that gives a real character to this kit, which offers its overall dynamic enough and well distributed.

However, it is best not to push the volume beyond the three-quarters of the power to do to be confronted with problems of saturation. In some test it was measured power before distortion of 100.9 dB (at 82% volume), which is more than adequate for a small kit at this price level. At full capacity in (about 100 m 2 ), 2.1 is the Stax is given to their heart … and without consuming too. According to measurements, it aborbe about 24 watts at maximum volume and between 6 and 8 watts to mid-volume which is pretty good.

The verdict

A great surprise, this little kit WaveMaster Stax 2.1 at only 65 Euros, this is clearly a bargain. Despite the modest size of the box, the bass is credible, given the generally pleasant enough for music, movies or video games. No need to spend more to give voice to a PC or a portable and sound to a bedroom or office. In our thinking WaveMaster Stax 2.1 is pretty nice.