Western Digital has changed the name of product lines HDD

Western Digital Corp. announced the change of names of product lines of hard drives for desktop computers and mobile devices. The drive is now called the WD Blue, WD Black, WD Green and WD Red.

Western Digital

It is noted that in the modern world the consumer is often faced with the complexities of the selection, and to make the right decisions it is necessary to compare up to two dozen significant characteristics of a class of products. Western Digital does not just join a drive to the family, based on user requirements for different types of drives, and assign each a different color. Simple color differentiation allows you to bind a set of characteristics of the product to the visual image and minimize the time required to search.

“New names popular concise lines and the slogan” Freedom of choice. The quality of WD reflects our desire to make the selection process as simple as possible for the consumer, – head of the Western Digital. Many high-tech products have alphanumeric names, which are easy to orient professionals, but for the average user, they are similar puzzles. In an excess of information, we try to give the consumer the opportunity to easily make the right choice.”

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