Western Digital My Net N750 HD Dual-Band Router: Review & Specs

Before six months ago Western Digital announced that it entered in the segment of the routers and surprised all. One of the leading companies in the storage industry, entered a niche that while in some ways is related to their core business, not a move seemed likely a year ago.

Western Digital My Net N750 HD

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Model: My Net N750 HD Dual-Band Router
Web: Western Digital
Price: 118 euros
Standard: IEEE 802.11 n / g / b / a
Wi-Fi: Dual-Band N 300 + 450
Connectivity: Two USB 2.0 ports, four Ethernet ports.
Others: DLNA, UPnP, QoS, FastTrack, guests Red, Parental Controls, Statistics.

Western Digital My Net N750 HD

As above specs shows Western Digital My Net N750 HD is a massive router. It is a dual-band router that can reach up to 450Mbps , ready for major streaming technologies (UPnP, DLNA) and incorporating FastTrack, a technology that allows us to easily sort traffic sources, allowing us to prioritize some applications (or Web services) over others in order to get the best experience at all times.

Simple but very complete

Western Digital My Net N750 HD

Western Digital My Net N750 HD offers two USB 2.0 ports which can connect a hard drive (you can use either for streaming to devices, whether wireless backup), a printer or scanner. For the lovers of privacy, N750 HD lets you create a guest access where we can, for example, limit their activity to browsing the web.

Most technicians appreciate knowing that the router is also prepared to support IPv6, we can synchronize thanks to WPS devices (they are only one click) or from the management console can see all kinds of statistics related to our activities in the Red.

Finally it is worth noting that if you have My Book Live and connect to your Western Digital My Net N750 HD, you will have our own “personal cloud” can access all your files from any device.

Although as mentioned before, the family My Net is the first foray of Western Digital in the world of routers, the feeling we have is that we are never at a novice. Both its design and management console are smart and what’s best, provides all that simplicity to which we are accustomed to Apple products, but we do not often see in many routers within its competence.

Although Western Digital provides a setup CD (Windows only), really is not necessary, that the same management console is found to “point” to Western Digital My Net N750 HD from any browser. Once we do the setup process could not be easier. In three steps, we confirm that we have Internet access, we are asked to believe a Wi-Fi and we suggest that we change for our own security, the administrator password.

Western Digital does homework

It has been less than five minutes and you can start working with your new Western Digital My Net N750 HD router. From here the imagination is the limit. Create a guest network is indeed child’s play. Some more work (but not excessive) will give us a hard connect a printer. While connecting devices and configure them from the router is very simple (basically give a button), we must have in mind that we are not going to “ride” automatically.

Both Windows and Mac, we know how to add a new hard drive in Network Failure know it, we just have to consult the instruction manual. We especially liked its usefulness FastTrack, which includes not only the QoS protocol used to prioritize different devices, but we can also prioritize programs, video games and Web services. The configuration of Western Digital My Net N750 HD is simple again as this section has several profiles loaded with popular applications and services.

In the same way, parents will be glad to know that from the same router can set parental controls, so that regardless of the device they are using their children, may block access to certain websites and online content.

Curiously, users of iPhone / iPad / Apple TV also will be happy to see how the console terminal offers a step by step that will help them transfer your iTunes library to an external hard drive, to then be readily available from any of the devices from Apple.

As long as we talk about this type of device, the user experience will vary depending on the quality of your Internet connection. In this case, a test was performed in a home where it gets 18 MB ADSL and has not experienced any significant problems. The streaming content to television and other devices is virtually instantaneous and have only had lag in very specific moments and really heavy files.

On the other hand we have found that really works FastTrack. In the test scenario we have implemented simultaneously both a Torrent download manager, Skype and other programs that make frequent requests for Red, as our favorite feed reader, and our email manager.

While television gave us a concert hosted on Youtube. By prioritizing Skype over other applications we have achieved a quality video call almost perfect, adjusting the rest to the available bandwidth.

Without being its price of 118 euros excess, it is true that can make a small barrier to entry for many users accustomed to routers “free” operators. However, we recommend the change because Western Digital My Net N750 HD is really a worth.


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