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What is new Lightning connector from apple?

Apple does create greatly designed products. However, one thing that still bothers people is the “proprietary” tag.
Instead of using an industry standard like micro USB, Apple introduced the new proprietary all-digital eight-pin connector, to replace another proprietary connector.
Apparently they charged hefty licensing fees to accessory makers already and it will start again.

What is Lightning connector:

Lightning is company’s new eight-pin connector. It is significantly smaller than the existing 30-pin connector and is about the same size as a micro USB. It is perhaps better suited to Apple’s iDevices, as it just fits better. It should also be more reliable than the old 30-pin connector. Its another important feature is that it works in either direction, so you don’t have to look to see which side is right-side up (even USB has this issue).

Lightning connector

Lightning connector


The Lightning connector only provides an interface for data and charging with USB 2.0. And also for USB data and power or analogue audio with 30-pin adaptor. There is this 2009 Common External Power Supply standard. To comply with this in the European Union, Apple sells an adapter which converts between Lightning and Micro-USB.

Initially iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation), and the iPod Nano (7th generation) only were compatible with the lightening connector. The 4th generation iPad and the iPad Mini were added as Lightning devices in October 2012.

Products / Companies supporting Lightening connectors:

There are other companies who have started shipping products with the new connector.Some of such products are SoundDock Series III, Sony has . Bowers & Wilkins has announced two new iPhone speaker docks, the Z2 and an updated version of the Zeppelin Air. Both support new Lightning connector for iPhone 5 connectivity. Philips also supported it in its new Micro music system.