Xiaomi Mi 2 Smartphone with 2.5 GHz clock, 2.5GB RAM Leaked: Specs & Features

It has been revealed though few sources that Xiaomi is working on making a new smartphone powered with massive configuration. This upcoming beast smartphone is Xiaomi Mi 2. This Xiaomi smartphone is going to hit the market in upcoming months and this phone would apparently to competition within the high range, with powerful hardware components. Below, I have mentioned the features and specs of Xiaomi Mi 2 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 2

As we said earlier, nothing is confirmed as this information is just revealed from some source. As It is rumored that the new terminal Xiaomi Mi 2 is equipied with a screen with a total size of 4.6 inches to reach a total resolution of 720p. A very high resolution for a smartphone. In addition we also noted that it would come under a processor equipped with a total of quad core, manufactured by Qualcomm, although we do not know which model would choose, but it might have a clock speed of 2.5 Ghz as per the information. In addition Xiaomi Mi 2 will also have a total of 2.5 GB of RAM and an internal capacity of a total of 32GB. We were surprised that the terminal probably will not incorporate a front camera for video calls performing, which today is almost mandatory for any competent terminal on the market. What it has been mentioned is that the rear facing camera of total resolution of 12 megapixels while incorporating flash.

At the rear, will feature a cover made of plastic that we have to slide laterally, splitting in two, to access the SIM slot and battery. This will provide a double key to the terminal, as each part is of a different color. As for operating system, as you have probably ever imagined, would run under the version of Ice Cream Sandwich but it could come with Jelly Bean but not prior official info, so anything can happen.

Xiaomi Mi 2

If all the above to become real, we will face possibly the most powerful smartphone in the market. A terminal that could be considered vulgarly speaking, a “beast”. Besides all these components could be purchased for a total price would not reach 400 euros. As we see a price more than ridiculous, considering that the current terminals are within its range, are hovering around 600 euros or even exceed some models. If you have any comment or query regarding this Xiaomi Mi 2 smartphone then leave a comment simply, and we are going to update you with latest information.


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