Zinken headphones, compact and comfortable: Review & Specs

This Zinken headphones is compact and lightweight, but not completely pliable. It comes with a cover. The sound quality is acceptable, but regrets the lack of treble.

Zinken headphones

The Urbanears headphones suitable for both smartphones as DJ decks or stereos. The sound it delivers is correct, but lack of treble.

The promise

Urbanears offers Zinken headphones designed primarily for professionals of music such as DJ. According to the manufacturer, offers quality sound, with a bandwidth of 20 to 20 000 Hz.


Dressed all in black (but you can choose between several colors), Zinken headphones is rather compact and sturdy with its metal hinges. The earcups rotate with an angle of 90 degrees – useful for DJ – and fold for transport. Damage that is not foldable headband and the manufacturer does not cover! The headset has not one but two audio jacks, placed on both headphones. So you can connect a second headset on Zinken to enjoy music at both. The first connector is of dimensions 3.5 mm, while the second format is 6.35 mm.

Weakness in the acute

Zinken headphones

Lightweight, Zinken headphones proves comfortable to wear and delivers a powerful sound with good isolation from outside. Listening to the sound quality, but the sound is a bit muffled because of a lack of treble. Other defects, loud sounds – the foreground sound – too favored over low sounds. We show the measures? Bandwidth is large (20 to 18,600 Hz) and regular up to about 6400 Hz. Thereafter it is rather chaotic in rendering acute, which confirms our impression.

Audio cable dual-use

Urbanears has the clever idea of delivering an audio cable with spiral on one side of a 3.5 mm jack plug (four contacts), and the other, a plug jack 6.35 mm. Choose the right side of the cable as you connect the headset to your smartphone, your hi-fi or your mixer. Adapter 3.5mm with three contacts also comes to traditional audio players. And for smartphone users, the cable has a microphone with a button call pickup.

The verdict

The Zinken headphones is attractive, especially for its ease of use. If in the end, the sound is correct, we would have liked more treble.


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