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Apple iPad mini smaller but better: Review & Specs

A prior with not latest hardware configuration but iPad mini manages to impress enough for the excessive price.

iPad mini

The promise

iPad mini is already in the market shelves, small size iPad. Apple has used hardware that was used in previous generation’s iPad that are now a years old but it is not problematic in terms of performance but what about the competition? Well, below written information will answer you.

In a market that still dominates, a nothing, a little more than 50% market share according to the latest analysis from IDC, Apple does not actually have decided to strike and crush the competition as it had done in 2010 with the first iPad. We may regret or blame, for all that, the way Apple iPad mini redefines what you can expect from a small tablet format.
Less but sufficient

iPad mini

Let’s begin with the internal configuration. At the center of all, there is an Apple A5 chip with two cores, clocked at 1 GHz in iPad mini, which made its first steps in 2011 with the iPad 2, as an eternity in terms of the market. The chip is supported by 512 MB of RAM. Logically, the results obtained in test sessions are similar to those of the iPad 2 at the time. Thus, the tool Geekbench allocates 748 points … when its direct competitor, the Google Nexus 7, which runs on Android 4.1 and is powered by the Tegra 3 chip from Nvidia, displays a result of 1419 points for the same tests. iPad mini runs without flinching latest games for iOS, the mobile operating system from Apple. It is also able to respond to your requests without slowing down even when you recording Full HD (1080p) from its 5 megapixel sensor or running full HD video. Where neither the Nexus 7 nor the Kindle Fire 7 Inch HD, its two main competitors, not propose camera. The quality of photos and videos is obviously very fluid and subject to the amount of light in your environment. But in full light, the results are very nice, bright colors, contrast cut. Noise occurs too fast when darkness settles.


Paradox of the screen

But the strength of this mini iPad is its screen. Again, Apple maintains resolution (1024 points from 768 to 163 dpi) of the iPad 2. It is far from “new iPad” and its Retina display. And yet, from a display of 9.7 inches (24.63 cm) and display 7.9 inches (20 cm), the pixels seem to be more discreet. Developed a screen that is pleasant to use, with a decent enough contrast (875:1) and the correct brightness (385 cd / m 2 ) than the Nexus 7. A screen format 4:3 where competition has opted for the 16/10 and provides a greater surface area. In fact, it is 35% larger than its competitors of 7 inches. A surplus of comfort obvious when surfing the Internet and reading ebooks, even if the characters are not as sharp as the Nexus 7 or iPad Retina, obviously. Browsing the web or reading we also discover a trace of “intelligence”. The edges of the casing around the screen are so thin that the thumb of the hand holding the iPad mini relies necessarily on the touch screen. On a Nexus 7, for example, it quickly turns into little frustration, because when you use the other hand to scroll the text, the display interprets these two points of contact as a zoom. The text is displayed in a larger instead of scrolling … For iPad mini, Apple has reviewed the operation of iOS and multi-touch screen. Thumb that holds the iPad is thus not taken into account.
Battery backup and excellent finish

If you will hold iPad mini in your hand then you may realize how it is smaller than its big brother while providing a screen that is not much smaller. It is in the palm of your hand, you realize how late it is (0.72 cm thick) and lightweight, only 308 g. However, the aluminium case is immaculate, the finish of unparalleled quality at present by the competition. And despite this fine, small Apple tablet provides a large autonomy. It takes 10 h 50 minutes video playback, 9 h 30 minutes against for the Nexus 7 and 8 h 35 minutes for Kindle Fire HD … And reached 9 h 30 Web surfing, still more than the competition …

The verdict

So, yes, the iPad mini is new with the old. So much for innovation. But in practice, it is an undeniable success. Apple iPad mini wanted to define the high-end tablets in small size. It’s done and rather well done. Only downside, finally, the price is for very high quality. However, the difference in price between the excessive iPad mini and its competitors seems to be acceptable once you’ve used the mini.