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Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone world, with so many classy and affordable phones on their plate. With its striking features, Xiaomi rules hearts of consumers worldwide and stands 2nd on the world’s top affordable smartphones list. Xiaomi’s new venture, a palm sized Mi Wi-Fi Nano […]

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5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

WiFi issues and network problems continue to haunt us on a daily basis. However, after following some simple tips there may be ways where you can overcome this issue. Just having a good strength of network is not enough as you need a consistent way of making your WiFi work […]

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Skylake processor-the ultimate innovation for Intel

What is Sky Lake set of processors from Intel?

When the topic of technology and new innovations, Intel cannot be left far behind. In its new innovations, Intel has come up with its latest and amazing range of processors, which is codenamed Skylake, that targets everything from some high-powered gaming rigs to also computers which come up to be […]

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Samsung Display’s Base Technology Department is holding a keynote lecture

What is 11k resolution technology?

While 4k and 8k are not even established, here is some news on the  11k resolution technology. This much hyped phenomenon is now available in the market and a review of this feature has many elements to it: Is 11k technology worth? Forget about any other previous resolution like 4k and […]

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Google Onhub WiFi router

OnHub Smart WiFi router from Google

We all understand the possibility and importance of an existence of a WiFi router. The main reason with which we can connect to such a router because it is simple and easy. Thus, such a WiFi router helps in big ways to make things easy. Out of them Google’s OnHub […]

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New WiFi Technology uses Routers for Wireless Charging

New WiFi Technology uses Routers for Wireless Charging

There are a variety of ways to charge an electronic device / smartphone. Electric power supply with an adapter: This is the traditional way. Connecting smartphone to a PC or a laptop via USB Connecting smartphone to a power bank. All above involve some kind of cable going from the […]

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Internet of Things from Xioami

3 Interesting ‘Internet of Things’ products from Xiaomi

After launching the under $25 Yi Camera with Night Vision Xiaomi is launched some very clever new products which can fall under the umbrella of “Smart” or “Internet of Things” or IoT for short, devices. Mi Wi-Fi router with 6TB built-in storage New Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router not only delivers […]

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Is there something as a pregnancy safe WiFi router?

Is there something as a pregnancy safe WiFi router?

A Chinese technology company Qihoo 360 has launched a WiFi router which has a “pregancy safe” mode and claims that it can be used to reduce radiation if you have pregnant women nearby. Quite naturally, rival companies are claiming it to be just a marketing tactic. So are wireless signals […]

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Christmas gift idea for men

Top 10 Christmas 2014 gadget gift ideas for boyfriend

With Christmas being just over a month away, here are some ideas for gadgets you can gift to your boyfriend. These gift ideas are from fairly cheap to expensive. Well, couple of them are not actually a gadget ideas, but still worth considering. Idea #1: Gaming devices: Gaming consoles like Xbox 360, […]

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8K Technology

8K Technology – Threat to 4K Technology?

Have you heard of 8K television so far? You must have visited our earlier article on 4K technology and the wonders in the screen resolution it brings. The 4K technology is not just confined to TV, but it has good impact on smartphones, tablets, cameras, projectors and even your personal […]

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