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Accessing “testing menu” on an Android phone

Accessing “testing menu” on an Android phone

Android smartphones are one of the most trending mobiles in today’s generation. Everyone is obsessed by the stylish phone varieties, colors and the ocean of features it offers. But, there certain features offered by android phones which are hidden and only people who have an in-depth knowledge of technology know […]

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Anroid phones with best fingerprint protection

Best Android phones with notable fingerprint protection in 2015

Latest technology trends and affordability define the various smartphones today. With android phones being one of the most loved phones, introduction of new apps and technology is always a subject of curiosity among their users. One such technology that has been greatly appreciated is the fingerprint protection that has been […]

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Check out the 7 new features of this OS

7 new features of Android Marshmallow 6.0

The giant Google has finally begun with its roll out with the amazing next version of its mobile OS Android Marshmallow 6.0. With the next update of the new OS which is now numbered Android 6.0, instead of Android 5.2 as previously speculated. Announced at Google I/O 2015, the phone […]

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File Transfer between devices

File Sharing made easy : Read more

Now-a –days everyone has a mobile, a computer and a tablet. Working on each device at various timings and as per the need makes the digital data spread across these range of devices. You capture images and videos while on a tour using your mobile and tab, you create documents, […]

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Comparison of 4k Video resolution (source: wikipedia)

What is a 4k Video resolution and where to see it?

What is 4k Video? 4K video resolution is not new. However, its not really catch up yet, as you would expect with some technologies which may not be game changers per se. 4k is a resolution standard for videos. The reason this video format is not very popular yet is […]

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New Micromax Laptab runs both Android and Windows

Have you heard about Micromax LapTab?

When you hear about a LapTab, some people may have heard about Lexibook LapTab. However, the word will have a new meaning with the launch of a new device from Micromax. Laptop + Tablet = LapTab – as the name suggests, its a mix of these two devices. The main […]

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Asus 10.1-inch VivoBook featuring Windows 8 to be launched soon

Asus 10.1-inch VivoBook featuring Windows 8 to be launched soon

Taiwanese company ASUS is in major news with its two notebook versions the 11-inch ASUS S400C VivoBook and the 14-inch S200 VivoBook. To add another feature in the cap the company is now planning to bring a new 10.1-inch VivoBook. The new model will be the latest in the ASUS […]

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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix: a rugged tablet

Two interesting new tablets from Lenovo

If you are looking for cool tablets—whether it is for your personal or professional use—then there are myriads of models to choose from. These various tablet models and brands have different offerings for consumers when it comes to features, specifications and performance. The only thing that is left for you […]

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Microsoft Playing Catchup with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Playing Catchup with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft hasn’t been able to compete with Google or Apple when in the smartphone market. Perhaps that is why the company decided to launch the Windows Phone 8 in the first place. While the phone has been on the market for eight months, there haven’t been any significant changes during […]

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High speed long lasting LG Optimus F3

High speed long lasting LG Optimus F3

Lightweight, high speed and long lasting battery are some of the main features of the newly launched smartphone from LG, the LG Optimus F3. The 4-inch Android phone is capable of doing robust multitasking and gives a high speed performance. LG Optimus F3:Eveything that you need The smartphone comes with […]

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