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File Sharing made easy : Read more

Now-a –days everyone has a mobile, a computer and a tablet. Working on each device at various timings and as per the need makes the digital data spread across these range of devices. You capture images and videos while on a tour using your mobile...

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Have you heard about Micromax LapTab?

New Micromax Laptab Review

When you hear about a LapTab, some people may have heard about Lexibook LapTab. However, the word will have a new meaning with the launch of a new device from Micromax. Laptop + Tablet = LapTab – as the name suggests, its a mix of...

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Two interesting new tablets from Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix: a rugged tablet

If you are looking for cool tablets—whether it is for your personal or professional use—then there are myriads of models to choose from. These various tablet models and brands have different offerings for consumers when it comes to features, specifications and performance. The only thing...

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Galaxy Note 3 – Still need better?

iPhone 4, iPad 2 G for AT & T infringe on Samsung patents

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been proven a huge success in the history of the smartphones, now the Korean firm has opened its door to reboot another high end device in the form of Galaxy Note 3. Rumours are mixing in the air about Samsung’s next...

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