Edifier e10 Exclaim two-channel speaker system: Specs & Features

Edifier Company has revealed a new speaker system Edifier e10 Exclaim. This new product is an active dual decision, made in the original design.

Edifier e10 Exclaim

According to the manufacturer, thanks to DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and the DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) Edifier e10 Exclaim speaker system provides tonal balance, regardless of the volume of sound and minimize possible distortions. Powered by the own amplifier, and each column with three integrated speakers (two 1.5-inch high-frequency dynamics in the upper section, and a 3-inch woofer in the lower section.) Additionally, the speakers are passive radiators. Then the total system capacity of 36 Tues, the device is capable of reproducing sound in the range of 48 Hz to 20 kHz. To connect the signal source is a 3.5-mm audio jack.

Speaker Edifier e10 Exclaim would go on sale in near future at a recommended retail price of $ 100.