Have you heard about Micromax LapTab?

When you hear about a LapTab, some people may have heard about Lexibook LapTab. However, the word will have a new meaning with the launch of a new device from Micromax. Laptop + Tablet = LapTab – as the name suggests, its a mix of these two devices. The main idea is you should be

New Micromax Laptab ReviewNew Micromax Laptab Review

Asus 10.1-inch VivoBook featuring Windows 8 to be launched soon

Taiwanese company ASUS is in major news with its two notebook versions the 11-inch ASUS S400C VivoBook and the 14-inch S200 VivoBook. To add another feature in the cap the company is now planning to bring a new 10.1-inch VivoBook. The new model will be the latest in the ASUS brand of VivoBooks. The ASUS

Asus VivoBook 10.1 inch screen laptopAsus VivoBook 10.1 inch screen laptop

Two interesting new tablets from Lenovo

If you are looking for cool tablets—whether it is for your personal or professional use—then there are myriads of models to choose from. These various tablet models and brands have different offerings for consumers when it comes to features, specifications and performance. The only thing that is left for you to do is to thrash

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix: a rugged tabletLenovo ThinkPad Helix: a rugged tablet

Microsoft Playing Catchup with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft hasn’t been able to compete with Google or Apple when in the smartphone market. Perhaps that is why the company decided to launch the Windows Phone 8 in the first place. While the phone has been on the market for eight months, there haven’t been any significant changes during that time. Microsoft will soon

Microsoft Playing Catchup with Windows Phone 8Microsoft Playing Catchup with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft introduced the operating system Windows 8.1 Preview

At a conference for developers of Build 2013, Microsoft announced the release of its upgraded Windows 8.1 Preview. The company’s management has demonstrated a preliminary version of Windows 8.1 Preview and explained the changes in the settings of personalization, search Bing, improved functionality to solve business problems, new packaged applications and other innovations of the

Microsoft introduced the operating system Windows 8.1 PreviewMicrosoft introduced the operating system Windows 8.1 Preview

Difference between 360 degree Photos and 360 degree Videos

In the past year or so, the internet has been flooded with different kinds of Virtual Reality content. Big production houses as well as amateur YouTubers have given the all interesting 360 degree videos a shot and have created some really good content. It is interesting as it was unheard

360 degree Videos

For a long time now the world of video technology had become almost stagnant. Videos, advertising and cinema had not moved ahead of the 3D technology in main-stream. 360 degree videos is a breakthrough technology and with tech giants like YouTube and Facebook already supporting the 360 degree videos, the

Virtual Reality Videos

Since the time Oculus Rift came into being and the world was introduced to some breath-taking 360 degree videos, all of us started using the term Virtual Reality Videos. But are 360 degree videos and Virtual Reality videos the same thing? If we go by what the book says, VR

Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality films or 360 degree films take the viewer into the environment where the film is shot. It is like walking into the constructs of one’s imagination. VR technology gives us the ability to walk into a foreign setting while at home/office or just about anywhere. Today the world

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality has gripped the world of entertainment and gaming like never before in the past year. With technology evolving and advancing a lot of hardware and equipment have also evolved and advanced with time. One major development is the Virtual Reality Headset. With the cameras well equipped to shoot

Virtual Reality Technology

It is rather amusing to hear the term Virtual Reality. Two opposites have come together and have shown the world a completely new field of technology. Though this phenomenon has gained a lot of attention in the past year it is not a thing of the recent past. Virtual Reality

Reliance Jio to give 35GB free Internet data with its LYF phone

Reliance Jio to give 35GB free Internet data with its LYF phone

Disclaimer: This article is based on internal employee communication by Reliance Jio. The offer / service is not available to public. LYF smartphone users can take up this once the services are offered to all. You will have to wait a little longer to get your hand on a Reliance

Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone world, with so many classy and affordable phones on their plate. With its striking features, Xiaomi rules hearts of consumers worldwide and stands 2nd on the world’s top affordable smartphones list. Xiaomi’s new venture, a palm sized Mi Wi-Fi Nano

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ Comparison

 Samsung has launched two new Smartphones at the same time. Being proficient and providing awesome features, the users are confused of which mobile to go for. So, to aid them, below is a comparison of these two smartphones which will give you a sneak peek of both, thus making it

10 Waterproof mobile phones that ruled in 2015

10 Waterproof mobile phones that ruled in 2015

Year 2015 offered a plethora of smartphones to suffice the many mobile lovers. Waterproof mobiles trended this year as it provided the much relief to the mobile user’s from their phones getting damaged due to water. Below is the list of top 10 waterproof mobile phones of 2015 that were