10 Waterproof mobile phones that ruled in 2015

Year 2015 offered a plethora of smartphones to suffice the many mobile lovers. Waterproof mobiles trended this year as it provided the much relief to the mobile user’s from their phones getting damaged due to water. Below is the list of top 10 waterproof mobile phones of 2015 that were worth the money.

Ingress Protection Rating or International Protection Rating are standards used for evaluating device protection capacity. While the first number always stands for dust protection, the next denotes water resistance.
While the maximum ratings of dust protection and water protections are 6 and 8 respectively. The minimum are from 5 and above.
1. Sony Xperia Z3:

Sony Xperia Z3 is a big name in the smartphone market, and boasts of its IP55 and IP58 assurance, which guarantee that the phone won’t get damaged if kept under three feet water for more than an hour. Having the capacity to bear both pressure and weight of a mini jet, its 5.2 inch 1080p presentation, is the most recent form of Android and completely waterproof.
2. Sony Xperia Z2:

Standing second on the list, this is an updated version of Sony Xperia Z1. It has the similar pressure bearing capacity like Z3 and also can remain undamaged under three feet water. It is a trendsetter in the smartphone world as the 20.7mp camera it offers us features that allow us click photos underwater too.
3. Samsung Galaxy S5:

With IP67 rating, this is indeed a powerhouse and has a number one water-resistant facility. Though having a capacity to remain under 1m water for more than an hour, the users have found awesome results with more immersion time than assured. The other features of the phone make it a must have.
4. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact:

With attractive colour varieties, Z3 compact was introduced with Z3 and is a smartphone of middle range. Having features, similar to that of costlier smartphones, it is indeed a better option for consumers and a competition foe expensive mobiles. With It ratings IP55 and IP58 and features that can be used under water, this is one of the best affordable smartphones available.
5. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active:

Galaxy S4 Active has strong physical features and it boast of water resistance equivalent to Xperia Z smartphones. But in reality this phone fails to match the water resistance capability of Xperia phones and can manage to provide a resistance to water for 30 minutes with an IT rating of IP7.
6. Sony Xperia Z1:

Like its updated versions, Xperia Z1 provides the assured water resistance against water jets, taps etc. While it has IT ratings IP55 and IP58 respectively, it has a dust rating of 5. The significant feature of Z1 is the facility to click submerged photos with the help of the committed shed button and yes it is consumer friendly when it comes to pricing.

7. Sony Xperia M2 Aqua:

With Sony Xperia M2 Aqua, Sony became the first proficient smartphone producer to offer both IP65 and IP68 IT standards. With these ratings, the phone is not only dustproof but water resistant and can stay submerged under water for 30 minutes.
8. HTC Desire EYE:

HTC Desire EYE is another awesome phone from HTC. Apart from its striking features, including the 13mp self-adjustable camera and 2400 mAh non-removable battery, the water-proof technology offered by the phone is significant. With an IP67 It rating, this android smartphone is really a worth going for.
9. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini:

For the many aspirers of Samsung Galaxy S5, which is too costly, Galaxy S5 mini will suffice your craving with similar technology. Further, its water-proof technology is remarkable and it is a tidier phone. Getting such features at a consumer friendly price and with water safety is a worth catch.
10. Saygus V-Squared:

Saygus V-Squared is an Us based dual-boot super smartphone and brags of being a fully waterproofed smartphone. Also it has won CES 2015 award.

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