10 ways to save your smartphone battery

With new technologies available, users get to play 3D games, watch movies, find locations using GPS, do video chatting on their smartphones. Everyone would like you have application that is not available on their smartphone but have seen it on someone else’s smartphone. The phone acts like a mini computer and now-a-days basic functionality of making and receiving calls is not the only activity the phones are used for.

The downside of this whole technologically capable smartphones is that they are power hungry. As you keep on adding applications and start using them, the phone battery consumption increases. All the modern phones come with good batteries which last for at least 6 to 8 hours, if used continuously. However one needs to be careful about the battery life and how to use it efficiently so that the cell phone battery last longer and you do not need to charge it very frequently.

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Following are 10 different ways by which you can preserve the battery life and make it last longer.

10 ways to save smartphone battery:

  1. Make and Receive Calls: Avoid using the phone for watching video, playing 3D games and surfing on Internet all the time. This will eat up lot of battery. Try to use phone only for making and receiving calls.
  2. Upgrade phone regularly. Time to time the cell phone provider send updates on various applications to increase the battery life by efficiently utilizing the power. You should get all those updates downloaded. You can switch on automatic updates so that you do not have to download them manually
  3. Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Power hungry features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be switched when not in use.
  4. Take photographs without flash: Flash on camera phones takes lots of energy. Try to take photos where there is a good light.
  5. Reduce screen brightness: Consider reducing the screen brightness a little. Make sure it suite to your eyes. Reducing the brightness marginally could save lots of power.
  6. Close redundant applications: All open applications in the background on your mobile will keep on consuming energy as long as they are open. If not in use, switch them off.
  7. No signal Area: In poor reception or no reception area, the phone will keep on searching for a signal. You can turn the phone off if you are sure that the signal is not going to be back unless you move away from that area.
  8. Switch off the Power: While going to sleep or in case you don’t have reception, it is recommended to switch of the phone. Also if you are in a business meeting and phone calls can be avoided, turning off the phone is an easiest way to save the battery.
  9. GPS Tracking: Locating your position using GPS will eat away your battery at faster rate. Use only when needed and disable once you locate your position.
  10. Heat matters: Do not leave your phone in hot temperatures, especially on the car dashboard. Every phone has an optimum temperature at which the phone works well.

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These are some of the smart tips that you can start following from today and you will be happy to see that you have increased the time span for battery recharging considerably.

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