How to Edit Adobe Acrobat PDF Files for Free

There are occasions where there is a need to edit a PDF document and you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. Don’t despair. There are free tools available that will help you edit and save PDF files.

One of the key reasons why PDF is helpful is because you cannot modify it easily like a MS Word document or notepad text file.

It you have the full commercial version of Adobe Acrobat then obviously you don’t need the free alternative tools.

These tools will help you modify the actual contents of a PDF file like text, image etc. They don’t have advanced functionality like merging multiple files.

Free Online PDF Editor PDFEscape: is a free online PDF editor which allows you to do basic changes. You can also edit password-protected PDF documents in the browser.

PDF Escape has text boxes, arrows, shapes and can also be used to add hyperlinks to other web documents.

Tools to Remove PDF Passwords:

Becy PDFMetaEdit is a free utility that can help you to remove PDF passwords. You can also use it to encrypt PDF documents and share the password separately. Only people with password will be able to access it. You can also edit properties of a PDF document like the title, author name etc.

Trick to Edit the Text of a PDF File

If you have the PDF document that mainly contains text, you can select the whole text and copy into a word document. Then you can use any of the free Word to PDF converters to get a PDF back.

Instead of copying, you can use Stanza helps to convert PDF into a Word document. For complex documents including images, charts, tables try the online PDF to Word converter BCL Research and NitroPDF

PDF Images Editing Tools

If you want to do advanced level changes in the PDF files there are couple of good free websites that will help you advanced editing like replacing images on a PDF file: PDF XChange which allows you to directly type text on PDF file or insert images.

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