20million units of Kinect is sold

Kinect the peripheral that was launched in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and which has its jump to Windows has now sold 20 million units, an achievement that makes clear the success of this platform.


The representative of the entertainment division of Microsoft Mat Barlow had an interview with Games Industry International in which this executive said already reached 20 million units, but also “that number continues to grow”, especially in the face the Christmas season.

A Kinect options that have begun to become popular is the voice control support, allowing you to enjoy both these orders Dashboard interface of the Xbox 360 and some games like Skyrim and FIFA 13.

Furthermore, the use of Kinect in academic, research and development is increasingly common, and the appearance of the Kinect for Windows SDK has prompted an area in which Kinect goes beyond mere gaming peripheral and can become an interesting partner for all kinds of scenarios.

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